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Why Does Record Karaoke Exist?

My wife and I, the makers of several smartphone apps (including Record Karaoke and VidSit), became very creative when we first became parents.


While I was traveling for work, the most interaction I could get with my son was over the phone. Whenever I was unable to video chat, I would call and my picture showed up on my wife's smart phone and my son would start to babble. When the picture 'timed out' and the screen went black, my son would stop talking. When my wife hit the 'home' button again, my picture popped back up and my son started to babble again. It was hilarious!  But it also gave me some amazing ideas for interactive tablet / smartphone apps.


There is a huge opportunity for Offline Interaction, Learning Offline, Education, Instruction and Edutainment via Videos.


We have a vision to provide individuals, teachers, health care providers, parents and others like us with a unique patent-pending method of interaction and instruction between at least two users, even when one user is offline! The goals for this method include: Selecting a video to share, Recording your interaction with a shared video and then Reviewing / Sharing the video recorded.  


We accomplish this goal through mobile applications that can be used on tablets and smartphones.

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